3D Printing Changing the Face of Health Care


3D printing is rapidly changing healthcare.

As per Harvard Business Review, the 3D-printing industry grew by 35.2% in 2014 alone. Recent advances in technology have paved way for innovations with 3D-printed products among a wide range of industries. The most exciting developments in 3D printing can be found in the healthcare arena. 3D printing is making disruptive advances in the field of medicine, accelerated by price drop as well as the availability of high-end 3D printing technology. 3D-printed skin for burn victims and airway splints for babies with tracheobronchomalacia are remarkable examples of how effectively 3D printing technology can be leveraged for medical advancements.

The technology behind 3D printing is what makes it successful. Precise and cost-effective technology aids more innovations, making formerly impossible treatments easier. The advantages of 3D printing technology in the Healthcare industry – end-to-end 3D solutions leading to improvement in Healthcare infrastructure, reduced time to market and increased durability of products, to name a few – serve as effective cost control methods and boosts speed and efficiency of hospitals and labs. Partnering with the right service provider is critical to leverage the right precision healthcare solution for your organization. This article provides information on how UST Global solutions and services can help bring high-end 3D printing technology into your Healthcare organization and provide continued support.   


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