Development of a Web-Based Enterprise Application for a Fortune 500 Retailer

Development of a Web-Based Enterprise Application for a Fortune 500 Retailer


Global retailer partners with UST Global to develop state-of-the-art management application with increased security and compatibility

Mobility brings immense complexity to QA and test management. It involves testing in compressed cycles, across multiple permutations of technology platforms, operating systems, devices, use cases, network connections and carriers.

UST Global delivered a future-proof management system to a Fortune 500 retailer that provided simple and seamless access to data, as well as enhanced security and reporting.

We designed a management system that replaced fragmented legacy applications at the client’s franchise locations. The new application was built to support the development and enhancement of future modules without disrupting franchise operations and management.


Opportunity: Establish a new system that provides a unified platform for complete franchise management

The existing franchise management system was developed to manage operations such as royalty calculation and franchise allocation, but there was no single application to manage operations as a whole. Additionally, these applications were developed in third generation languages, which was a cause for concern as security could not be guaranteed. Some applications were also reaching end-of-life, as Microsoft had withdrawn support and there were no standards for data exchange between applications.

The retailer needed a new system to weave together existing functionality on a common database, support new requirements, user access and integrated reporting capabilities.


Action: Developed a state-of-the-art franchise management application

We approached the project in two distinct phases, where requirements were captured and analyzed first, followed by application development.

Phase 1 Business analysts from UST Global developed an understanding of the existing applications and captured requirements that the new application was required to support. The first phase was completed by creating a business vision for the application and a roadmap for the future.

Phase 2 UST Global conceived and developed a new state-of-the-art application to replace out-of-date and non-integrated applications. The new framework involved components such as security (including authentication and authorization) logging, reporting, mailing components and the communication framework for supporting distributed deployment of the user (front-end) and business tiers.


Impact: Consolidated solution for FRAMIS application with flexibility to manage future growth

Our client now enjoys the following benefits:

  • Future-proof applications by using .NET 2.0& 3.0 and ASP.NET, the base technologies of the Windows platform
  • Enhanced security by using the ASP.NET security model to ensure only authorized users access data
  • Effortless reporting by using SQL Server with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to provide an easy way to generate and host reports in a scalable and extensible manner