Financial Solution Provider Reduces Costs by Enhancing Payment Processing Application

Leading Financial Solution Provider Reduces Cost Using Enhanced Payment Processing


Financial services leader partners with UST Global to develop a more cost-efficient electronic payment processing application

Retailers support many payment options such as checks, cash, credit and debit cards. Each payment type incurs fees set by banks, processors and networks, which have historically been beyond the retailer's control. These fees – which have substantially increased over the last few years - not only hurt retailer profits, but also lead to higher costs for consumers.

UST Global enabled the market leader in card-based financial solutions to significantly reduce processing costs, which in turn led to increased revenues for the client and decreased transaction costs for customers.

By improving the core payment engine and key system elements, UST Global also enhanced the customer experience through reduced response times and a human-centric user interface.

Opportunity: Improve processing systems to reduce transaction costs

The client’s parent company, a Fortune 50 retail giant, processes more than 800 million transactions annually at an expense of millions of dollars. To minimize these operating costs, the retailer wanted to offer its customers a form of electronic payment with a significantly lower processing cost.

It decided to create an independently operated, merchant-centric payment network with the ability to process multiple payment transaction types. Based on our relationship with the parent company, the client partnered with UST Global to develop key system elements capable of efficiently processing payments in return for a small transaction fee.


Action: Develop, enhance and maintain payment processing system elements

UST Global developed and enhanced the system while maintaining compatibility and compliance.

  • Enrollment Engine Redesigned by updating frameworks from Cocoon to Struts
  • Administration Engine Enhanced to improve ease-of-use
  • Settlement Engine Added design improvements to increase reliability
  • Report Engine Added almost 60 reports to improve value for the user
  • Maintenance UST Global ensured that the network maintained 99% uptime with a maximum of 30 minutes for a recovery process.

UST Global also ensured a three second transaction response time and that the system could support up to 5,000 concurrent users.


Impact: New payment engine dramatically reduces transaction costs while improving user experience

Our client now enjoys the following benefits:

  • 90% reduction in response times by redesigning the enrollment engine
  • $15 million in savings by migrating customers to the new payment system
  • Positive revenue impact by lowering merchant processing costs as partner retailers use the new payment network