Re-Platforming to AWS Cloud for Scalability, Availability and Manageability

Mobile marketing solutions provider: Re-platforming of solution to AWS Cloud for increased scalability, availability and manageability


Leading US mobile marketing solutions provider partners with UST Global to achieve dynamic scaling of their hosting environment

The realities of data and application transport can be daunting. Cost, skill and technology concerns need to be considered while migrating to a cloud environment. How do you smartly move your workloads from your current location to a new cloud, with minimal disruption, cost and time?

UST Global enabled a leading US marketing services provider to successfully migrate their mobile marketing solutions from on-premise to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud for increased performance and scalability, reduced costs, and easy maintainability.

We selected AWS as the cloud platform after careful evaluation, modified the architecture for dynamic scalability and high availability. We achieved high performance through effective data tuning and ensured meticulous disaster recovery systems – while still making it cost-effective for the client.


Opportunity: Harnessing the power of cloud computing to achieve improved performance, reliability, and security

The US-based leading mobile marketing solutions provider caters to the installment loan industry, utility companies, the medical billing industry and self-storage industry.

The existing application, hosted on a third-party infrastructure, was unable to scale up for (a) additional customers the client wanted to onboard, and (b) additional SMS text messages the client wanted to support. Additionally, the client was incurring high annual infrastructure costs to host the application, and was constrained by limited flexibility in changing their hardware configuration.

Ensuring high-availability and disaster recovery was proving to be very costly and inefficient. A dynamic scaling of the hosting environment based on the load was needed.

The client chose to partner with UST Global based on their extensive migration capabilities.


Action: Migration to the best cloud services and solutions

After evaluating various providers, we chose AWS as the cloud platform. To enable dynamic scaling, we replaced the conventional load balancer with an elastic load balancer and modified the deployment architecture. A multi-zone architecture for servers was deployed to ensure high availability.

In addition, we set up monitoring solutions and policies to pro-actively identify and mitigate issues, configured automatic cloud-based backups, and performed database tuning to significantly improve performance.

The switch over from on-premises to cloud was completed in about 5 hours without any change in end customer configurations.


Impact: Flexible and faster test environment provisioning for winning services delivery

Our client now enjoys the following benefits:

  • Increased scalability – over 300K SMS text messages per day, with built-in auto-scaling to over 1mn messages/day
  • Reduced costs – by moving to a pay-per-use model, and through proactive identification and mitigation of issues
  • Easy maintainability and manageability – through cloud-based monitoring tools
  • Enhanced flexibility - ability to quickly onboard new clients and add extra load