Global Asset Management


Self-Learning Approach Delivers Next-Generation Cyber Defense


Business Background

The asset management business is highly competitive and relies on the integrity of the information that it manages, including financial and market sensitive data. This sector leader manages a number of funds all over the world, supported by numerous international offices and a highly distributed workforce.



The information under management by the company is very diverse and dynamic by nature, and includes sensitive financial data, information about the firm’s operations and trading strategies, client data and other corporate assets.

Given the heightened threat of attacks to the financial services sector, together with the fast-moving pace of its business and industry, this firm identified cyber defense as a key strategic priority for its long-term competitiveness and survival.

Although the company had previously invested in traditional security tools, it was clear that they had limited effect in protecting against the most damaging attacks. Given that the majority of corporate networks in general have been infiltrated, the company was anxious to understand what was happening to its information internally, and was looking for the ability to spot potential cyber threats as they emerge within their systems. It also wanted to address the problem of insider threat, especially given its large, global workforce.

Critically, the company needed the ability to intervene in developing threat situations before they turned into damaging cyber-attacks, and protect their business, reputation and revenues.



The company selected Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System technology as a critical part of its cyber security strategy, in order to doubly tackle the threat of insider attack as well as external cyber-attacks.

The firm recognized that a next-generation approach was required to properly address the new challenges of cyber security, and embraced the probability-based, mathematical solution that Darktrace offers in order to reach unprecedented levels of cyber analysis and protection.

As the world’s first Enterprise Immune System, Darktrace’s self-learning platform was chosen for its unique ability to adapt in real time to evolving information flows and detect new, emerging threat and attack vectors.



This asset management firm benefits from the world’s most advanced cyber defense technology today, based on cutting-edge mathematics from a global center of excellence at the University of Cambridge.

With Darktrace’s adaptive, self-learning platform, the company is instantly alerted to any behavior manifested within their organization, on a device or by a user, which is mathematically deemed to be anomalous.

This means that even threats that have never been encountered before – either by the company or by any organization ever – may be spotted, thanks to the power of Darktrace’s unique, probabilistic technology.

The firm also benefits from a global visual overview of their entire network, delivered by Darktrace’s flagship visualization interface, the Threat Visualizer, and can investigate any anomalies that Darktrace detects to a high level of detail.

Crucially, Darktrace enables the firm to run its global and interconnected business as it needs to – the technology’s flexibility allows ‘business as normal’ operations. All the while, Darktrace is learning what that standard of ‘normality’ is on an ongoing basis, in order to detect any unusual behavior that requires investigation. By alerting the company to threats while they are in progress, Darktrace allows its security team to take preventative action before significant negative impact is made.