Eric Williams
Strategic Advisor


Until January 2012, Eric Williams served as Catalina Marketing’s Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer responsible for directing strategic technology, research and development, and new applications. Williams also served as the Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) for Catalina Marketing and was responsible for the overall consumer privacy activity for the company.

Eric brings more than 35 years of experience including management, sales, marketing, systems design and development, and operations positions with retailers, software development, and information technology companies.

During his tenure with CMC, Williams led the development of Catalina’s multi-petabyte data warehouse (still one of the largest transaction-level databases in the world). In addition, Eric was instrumental in the development of the first “Internet-delivered” loyalty marketing solution for basket-level data management. Prior to that, Eric served as the vice president of research and development for Catalina Marketing and vice president of retail for Catalina’s SuperMarkets Online division (one of the first Internet couponing solutions started over 10 years ago).

Prior to joining CMC, he served as the Vice President of retail operations for Catalina Information Resources (CIR), where he developed and implemented leading-edge technologies needed to supply daily scanning data for inventory control and logistics management to top CPG (consumer package goods) companies and retailers throughout the US.

Eric previously served in the senior management of Retail Management Systems, a company that developed the first commercially available DEX/UCS (Direct Exchange/Uniform Communications Standards) DSD (Direct Store Delivery) systems.

Eric is an accomplished inventor with 5 US and 3 international patents to his credit. In 2007, the Tampa Bay Technology Forum named him CIO of the year and in 2011, Information Week ranked Catalina Marketing as one of the top five most innovative technology organizations in the nation according to their Information Week 500 study.

Eric has been a promoted speaker at a number of industry events, including Information Week, Gartner, FMI (Food Marketing Institute), NRF (National Retail Federation), and many other national Retail venues. He was also one of Information Week’s featured CIOs in 2011 and he and Catalina were the focus of the cover article on Big Data that same year.

While retired, Eric remains active in the retail industry and speaks regularly on the topic of Big Data and how the retail arena can be transformed using consumer information and predictive analytics to more accurately understand the needs and desires of their consumers.

Eric also is very active in the nonprofit world, assisting the visually-impaired community through his work with Southeastern Guide Dogs, supporting returning military personal afflicted with PTSD through a program called Paws for Patriots, and serving as a Board member of the Florida Orchestra.