The existing enterprise service bus is built on the IBM WebSphere Message Broker platform which is the contained middleware platform for clients. The platform ranks second as the system which influences most critical business processes. Since IBM WMB is coming to end of life and migrating to a higher version of IBM IIB would require substantial effort and time, there has been a strategic decision to move to Software AG’s webMethods.


Given below is the representative migration life cycle:

The migration engagement starts with the assessment of the existing WMB topology. It is an iterative process to identify and categorize the interfaces which qualify for migration. The criteria which could be considered are – business criticality, complexity, integration patterns and systems involved.

In the design phase, webMethods specific technical design document (TDD) has to be created for each interface to be migrated.

In the development phase, the TDD is implemented using the Software AG (SAG) product suite. In the testing phase, the migrated interfaces are tested against functional and non-functional requirements. It is also ensured that there is no change in business functionality due to migration.


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