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With Concept to Camera (C2), UST Global Media Services is creating a digital back office for today’s entertainment industry.

C2 is a modular, studio-level workflow application for the complete project lifecycle that provides tools for managing contacts, script submission, legal and production deal points.

Delivered as a secure SaaS offering, C2 gives executives and production professionals a single-stop destination for viewing relevant information in a manner that is both timely and contextual.

End-to-End Enablement for the Production Lifecycle

Seamlessly manage contacts, submit scripts, tend to legal and business affairs and coordinate production and performance efforts

Workflow Tools & Tailored Solutions for Data Integration

Customize our cloud platform around your business and production processes and your data integration requirements

Single-Stop Executive Dashboards

Eliminate cost and complexity while enabling executives to making timely and informed data-driven decisions

Web-based information specific to the film industry is highly fragmented and distributed, in many cases preventing media executives from make timely and informed decisions.

Because studios must rely on subsets of data from multiple sources, duplicate efforts commonly waste both time and money.

By centralizing and integrating contacts, talent and workflow tools and providing downstream connectivity to production and performance elements, UST Global is transforming the efficiency and effectiveness of the media and entertainment industry.

Cloud-Enabled Vision

SaaS workflow innovation provides a comprehensive single source destination for end-to-end operations

Human-Centered Innovation

Continuous innovation and a focus on human-centered iterative design are essential to media success in the digital age

Big Picture Scale

Integrated platforms that scale cloud operations are enabling media and entertainment to flourish on a global level

UST Global Media Services offers a broad range of media and entertainment solutions in an integrated data platform that houses workflow tools for creative, business, legal affairs and production executives. Our expertise is based on a combination of world-class technology and a services group comprised of industry professionals with over 30 years of film and television development experience.

Business & Legal Services
  • Creative/Business/Legal
  • Script Tracking
  • Project Status
  • Deal Points/Contracts
  • RollCall Contacts
  • Mobile Access/Alerts
Production Services
  • Production
  • RollCall Mobile
  • Integrated Calendars
  • Mobile Crew Deal App
  • Production App
  • CallSheet App
  • Startup App