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Over time, the manufacturing process has transformed from a local industry into a highly automated and connected global operation.

However, as product lifecycles continue to shrink, manufacturing costs are surging and the industry faces numerous challenges including demand fluctuation, regulatory considerations, capacity underutilization and margin pressure.

UST Global helps manufacturers take the digital transformation journey, solving process challenges and enabling success through a combination of leading-edge technology and real-world expertise.

Gain an Unfair Advantage

Apply a consistent data model across all processes to increase productivity; UST Global digital solutions have increased market share by over 4% for select clients

Forecasting Success

Transform business systems and operations; optimize for visibility and adaptability to deliver quality products and better meet changing market requirements

Seamless System Integration

Enable seamless interfacing and integration between disparate systems to maximize productivity and ensure process continuity

Today’s manufacturers face an ongoing challenge in reducing operational overhead and streamlining processes.

Identifying and eliminating redundancies, organizational misalignments and ineffective technologies – elements that hinder profit recognition and increase costs in the supply chain – are immediate concerns for most manufacturers.

Intelligent decision-making algorithms, such as those employed by UST Global, enable manufacturers to keep up with today’s fast-paced operating environment and place themselves ahead of the competition.

Supply chain management is being reinvented and reimagined in a manner that is fundamentally digital
Kanban principles are being embraced to continually assess and monitor production numbers, schedules and results for improved efficiency and quality
Maintenance software is helping prevent equipment failures, and automatically inform maintenance personnel when equipment and parts reach end-of-life

UST Global offers a wide range of services that identify new capabilities at every point of the supply chain management system. Our services are highly focused on understanding the pain points of the customer and collaborating on new ideas for generating sustained business advantage. As a trusted strategic partner to our clients, flexibility and adaptability are our calling cards, and we exploit every opportunity to innovate, improvise and accomplish.

Consulting Services
  • Legacy modernization and re-platforming of Ecommerce solutions
  • Portfolio rationalization and re-grouping of business processes based on application criticality and complexity levels
  • Strategic assessment of existing architecture and legacy systems to smooth data flow from central stores to distributed applications
Operations Services
  • Vendor management systems for vendor contracts and specialized costs
  • Warehouse management for enhancing dynamic warehouse operations
  • Demand and sales forecasting including future revenue levels, sales expenses and profit contribution
  • Multi-platform Ecommerce solutions
  • Infrastructure management with 24/7 support
  • Cost minimization through optimizing supply chain and inventory
  • Operating cost reduction for manufacturing-owned or dedicated contractor facilities
  • Product lifecycle management that reduces time to market, improves product quality, reduces prototyping costs, identifies sales opportunities and reduces environmental impact