Innovation Pod


Meaningful innovation occurs at the intersection of a clearly defined problem statement and deep & powerful insights which highlight the pathways for innovation.


To get to a meaningful problem definition and to explore solution pathways, UST takes a unique approach of a dedicated team of innovation leaders in your offices, walking in your shoes, trying to understand your problems. This team helps you redefine concepts and collect maximum amount of validated learning about your customers with the least effort. The concepts called Minimum Viable Concepts (MVC) will be available to you in 3 to 4 weeks. The MVCs can then be curated into Minimum Viable Products (MVP) in 12 to 16 weeks. The MVCs and MVPs are potential commercial outputs of the various solution pathways that will help you validate the commercial upside before scaling up a solution. This is made possible through the UST ecosystem of Academic Networks, VCs, Innovation Centers, Global Research Labs, Open and Closed Hackathons and UST solution teams.


Why UST as an Innovation Partner?

We start with a meaningful problem definition and have the proprietary tools to quickly delve into the heart of the insights (Fidelity of insights) which lays the foundation stone for meaningful solution ideation. Our clients have access to an advantaged, industry leading ecosystem of experts & resources/tools which can be harnessed quickly & effectively to co-create solutions. We provide Turbo speed translation of insights & ideas (Solutions) into commercially viable MVCs & MVPs and can quickly & cost-effectively scale & optimize co-authored solutions to consistently drive competitive advantage for clients.

End Product: Proprietary tools & consistent engagement & care to connect deeper with our clients & their consumers to help drive meaningful commercial innovation.