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In today’s rapidly changing, technology-driven environment, companies must streamline operations and optimize their IT infrastructure to achieve maximum business value.

Exponential growth in technology and innovation is also forcing organizations to redefine their operational strategy; by reducing operational costs, market-leading businesses are unlocking resources necessary for digital transformation.

In light of these imperatives, successful companies are turning to next-generation managed services, AI-based automation and self-healing environments to streamline operations and lower costs while at the same time enhancing service levels.

Intelligent automation and end-to-end services management frameworks are reducing costs and creating efficiencies that are fueling digital transformation
Control and visibility across all organizational assets (hardware, software and people) is critical to accurate analysis and informed decision making
Organizations are moving towards integrated operational management and service level management (KPIs) to ensure business continuity

From providing service delivery support for over 20 million members at one of North America’s largest healthcare providers, to maintaining IT operations for a large automotive organization with over 4000 users across North America and Europe, to providing performance tuning, production support and database monitoring for enterprise clients around the world, UST Global maintenance services lead the way for driving operational efficiency and fueling digital transformation.

Portfolio Analysis & Operations Configuration Management

ITIL-based framework and tools record and maintain information on all IT assets and relationships. By providing a holistic view of your entire digital ecosystem, we enable you to make faster, more accurate decisions that align IT with the business.

Transition Management

Transitions or the take-over of services are complex tasks that can have significant impact on your business operations.

To mitigate risks, UST Global adopts a robust and stringent approach to transitions, and executes them in a way that is transparent to your business.

The UST Global AMUST® transition accelerator provides a framework and a suite of tools for effective risk management that ensures business continuity during the transition phase.

Transitions can be managed for custom or packaged applications (COTS), or for functions like infrastructure, quality assurance or information management.

Operations Management

UST Global maintains a well-defined and robust set of frameworks and tools that reduce risk and simplify operations through advanced automation, and enhance performance and availability through predictive analytics.

  • Call Center, Help Desk & Contact Center
  • IT Transition Management
  • IT Service Management (Incident, Problem, Change, Asset & Configuration, Knowledge)
  • IT Operations Management
  • Service Integration & Management (Custom Monitoring Dashboards, End-User Transaction Monitoring, Robotic Automation, Proactive & Predictive Operations Analytics, Business Process Automation, Business Process SLAs & KPIs, UST Global Known Error Database)

UST Global maintains a competency and expertise in helping businesses optimize their IT operations. Through our end-to-end application management services and unique frameworks and tools, we uncover cost savings and efficiencies that help fuel digital transformation and drive competitive advantage.


Mitigates transition risks and ensures transparent transition of services based on application intelligence


Drives continuous service delivery improvements through predictive analytics

Business Process Automation

Drives efficiencies and improves the availability and reliability of your services through business process automation


Provides clients enhanced situational awareness, facilitating informed decision making by providing a single platform to monitor systems across software, hardware, infrastructure and the network

Configuration Management Database

Provides a holistic view of your entire IT ecosystem; uses structured configuration management tools that cut across people, processes and technology to enable quick, informed decisions that align IT with the business


Achieves faster resolutions and a superior end-user experience through our unique self-healing and empowerment platform