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Digital transformation has redefined the perception of Quality Engineering in today’s industry. Application leaders and organizations are improving customer experience by enabling incremental product deliveries through scaled, agile practices integrated with DevOps. This helps in reducing the software delivery cycle with improved business outcomes.

UST Global enables enterprises to transform their Quality Engineering functions for improved business results and enhanced customer experience. We power the transformation by implementing robust strategies that organizations can easily adapt to withstand upcoming disruptive technologies and consumer trends. Our intelligent testing solutions help to accelerate the delivery of applications to production by keeping in pace with the business demand.

Best-in-class organizations are formalizing self-service for test data and test environments
CEOs are demanding improved quality through optimum test coverage, with speed and at lower costs
Proliferation of mobile apps will necessitate reduction in test cycles to address diverse device and browser compatibility
Business Assurance
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Business Process Testing
  • Operational Acceptance Testing
  • RPA Validation
  • Compliance Testing
  • Infrastructure Testing
Consumer Assurance
  • Performance Engineering
  • Security Testing
  • Crowdsourced Testing
  • User Experience Testing
Digital Assurance
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • IOT Testing
  • Cloud Enablement and Testing
  • Data Testing
  • AI Testing
Automated Assurance
  • Functional Test Automation
  • Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Service Virtualization
Test Enablement
  • Test Advisory Services
  • Test Environment Management
  • Test Data Management

A one stop platform that accelerates automation of end-to-end test life cycle and ensures democratization of automation objectives resulting in reduction of Opex cost and fast tracking the testing automation implementation by 1.5x .

Integrated Test Design Platform

Augmented with custom algorithms to auto generate highly optimized test cases directly from business process models, Visio Diagrams, Mind maps etc. The platform reduces test design effort by 40% and cuts down maintenance effort by 50%.

U-Crowd Platform

Helps to engage resources with diverse skills, experience and devices to provide valuable insights on application’s quality. Our AI embedded platform, dynamically distributes workloads based on competence level and aggregate results to derive key insights in an automated fashion.

Smart Test Data framework

Accelerates identification, curation and delivery of test data with self-service provisioning. Our framework, leveraging a combination of cutting edge tools and processes, reduces the dependency on production data and helps to provision data @ speed of 1 million records per minute.

Scalable test execution platform

A cloud agnostic test execution platform leveraging grid computing techniques by influencing virtualization and container orchestration methodologies provide enterprise grade continuous testing capability.


Leveraging  Predictive Analytics, Statistical Algorithms and Machine Learning for decision making , the multi-channel reporting platform provides real-time insights into service performance along with the flexibility for the users to view status using dashboards, text or voice commands.