UST Global’s CyberProof to Disrupt the Managed Security Services Market According to ISG

~CyberProof’s MSS Offering Helps Companies Maintain Secure Digital Ecosystems~

Aliso Viejo, CA, May 5, 2020: CyberProof Inc., a UST Global company, today announced that it has been recognized by Information Services Group (ISG), a leading global technology research and advisory firm, in an independent analysis on the innovative managed detection and response services that CyberProof brings to the Managed Security Services (MSS)  providers market.

The ISG report cited cybersecurity is rapidly evolving into a board-level discussion. Given the inevitability of a breach, corporate leaders are demanding that management define risk tolerance levels and put plans into place that ensure risk stay within these levels. To effectively defend against a rapidly changing threat landscape, companies need technology, expertise, and threat-based intelligence, at scale, which explains the growing demand for third-party security services, specifically managed security service providers (MSSP).

“CyberProof has developed a compelling MSS offering that addresses these three components, delivered via an outcome-based commercial model that translates to the kinds of outcomes boards expect. Companies in banking, insurance, healthcare, and travel/transportation should consider shortlisting CyberProof to meet this rapidly evolving demand from board members, management, and customers,” the report said.

CyberProof is helping some of the world’s largest enterprises create and maintain secure digital ecosystems using their comprehensive cyber security platform and mitigation services. CyberProof monitors security alerts and suspicious events, collected from multiple internal and external customer data sources including Microsoft Azure Sentinel SIEM. Threats are detected as they emerge in the critical cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

“We are excited to be recognized by ISG,” said Tony Velleca, Chief Executive Officer, CyberProof and CISO, UST Global,It is a testament to our differentiated capabilities, and our industry leading offerings to support our clients’ entire security operations.”

As the report noted, “CyberProof positions its offering as ‘next generation managed security services’ based on the idea that it can perform hygiene-related security services and other services, such as vulnerability management, automated response, digital forensics, and threat hunting. CyberProof delivers these services in a co-delivery model by supplementing an enterprise’s existing security teams.”

“This report highlights how our services empower organizations to improve their cyber resilience and respond to incidents before they threaten their businesses,” added Yuval Wollman, President, CyberProof.

The full ISG report on CyberProof can be viewed here.

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About CyberProof

CyberProof is a security services company that intelligently manages your incident detection and response. Our advanced cyber defense platform enables operational efficiency with complete transparency to dramatically reduce the time needed to respond to security threats and minimize business impact.

SeeMo, our virtual analyst, automates and accelerates cyber operations by learning and adapting from endless sources of data and responds to requests by providing context and actionable information. This allows our nation-state cyber experts and your team to prioritize the most urgent incidents and proactively identify and respond to potential threats. We collaborate with our global clients, academia and the technology ecosystem to continuously advance the art of cyber defense.

CyberProof is part of the UST Global family. Some of the world’s largest enterprises trust us to create and maintain secure digital ecosystems using our comprehensive cyber security platform and mitigation services.


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