UST Global Featured in Women in Cable Telecommunications event ‘Tech It Out’

Shares the importance of democratization on Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Denver, Colorado – December 13, 2017 – UST Global, a leading digital technology services company, announces that it was featured in Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT) conference ‘Tech It Out’, recently held in Denver, Colorado.


Established to support learning and leadership development of women in technology careers, ‘Tech It Out’ had female and male professionals from organizations throughout the industry to learn about the latest trends in innovation and leadership.


Dr. Adnan Masood, Chief Architect of AI and Machine Learning, UST Global, spoke at the ‘Tech Show and Tell,’ one of the most popular segments of the event. Dr. Masood gave a brief overview of UST Global, showcased a live demo on Democratizations of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, and also presented how the cutting edge use of algorithms without specialized training using APIs and pre-training machine learning models can help democratize AI and Machine Learning.


Commenting on the event, Dr. Adnan Masood, Chief Architect of AI and Machine Learning, UST Global, said, “Events like WICT help bring the spotlight on women leaders within the organization and the industry. UST Global recognizes diversity as a strength and is happy to partner with these efforts and highlight contributions.”


He further added, “Artificial Intelligence is not something right around the corner anymore. The ambient intelligence is growing around us in the form of IoT devices and context-sensitive data-intensive algorithms which transforms the way we interact with the world every day. The shift from Digital Native to AI-First, and eventually AI Native is unfolding right in front of our very eyes, at a very fast pace. For an organization’s success in industry 4.0 world, they need to embrace the democratization of AI and take skilling-up very seriously.”


Dr. Masood also joined a panel of other distinguished leaders that included Gurpreet Kaur, Communications Director at Charter Communications; and Neill Kipp, Engineer and Cloud Software Architect at Comcast. Dr. Masood discussed UST Global’s work with Stanford AI Lab, and MIT CSAIL, and how the researchers like Dr. Fei Fei Li, and Dr. Regina Barzilay in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning realm are making significant scientific breakthroughs.


Laura Deitch, Client Executive, UST Global, said “There is very low percentage of woman in the technology pipeline, and it decreases further at the leadership position levels. I am thrilled to be on the Board of Directors at WICT where they empower woman to become leaders in a male dominated industry.”


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