UST Global partners with Jidoka to offer RPA solutions

Madrid, Spain – July 17, 2017: UST Global, a US-based leading digital technology services company, today announced that it has signed a strategic alliance with Jidoka, a leading RPA technology solution provider, to expand its RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions portfolio in Spain and South America.


With more than 17,000 employees, UST Global is accelerating the transformation of organizations worldwide towards the Digital Economy. Thanks to this alliance, hundreds of UST Global customers will have access to one of the most competitive and advanced Enterprise RPA solutions.


Robotic Process Automation, also known as RPA, is one of the most relevant technologies for the digital transformation of business processes, with a market size that will reach 2,9 Billion USD in 2021 according to Forrester Research. Experts agree in its huge potential for business transformation as it allows automating repetitive processes without modifying existing systems. RPA applies "software robots" to use programs and applications imitating human actions. One of its main benefit is to reduce human intervention in repetitive tasks so that people can dedicate their efforts to higher added value activities, improving efficiency and productivity in business operations.


By reaching this strategic agreement, UST Global will now be able to offer all their clients the Jidoka platform for process robotization. This platform provides a complete RPA infrastructure that offers the most rigorous enterprise management and scalability standards.


“With to our commitment to technology as a driver of change, we believe that Robotic Process Automation solutions are an essential tool to support the transition to more competitive and intelligent organizations," says José Luis Rivero, Director of Digital Solutions & Consulting Services at UST Global. He adds, “Our alliance with Jidoka adds value to the portfolio of solutions we provide to promote digital transformation in organizations.”


“We are confident that the core capabilities of our Enterprise RPA platform, along with the knowledge and proximity to the market of a leading company like UST Global, will help more companies to take full advantage of the transformative power of process automation,” adds Víctor Ayllón, CEO of Jidoka.


About Jidoka®

Jidoka ( is the leading RPA technology solution in the Spanish-speaking market. Large companies from key economic sectors (banking, insurance, utilities, IT, BPO, among others) in more than 10 countries utilize Jidoka software robots to automate their front and back office processes, freeing people of tedious and repetitive tasks. Developed by Novayre (, Jidoka holds a prominent position in the global RPA provider ecosystem delivering powerful software robots development tools combined with advanced enterprise level robot operations orchestration.


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