Mobile Testing Lab for a Large Taxation Company

A Leading Global Financial Services Company: Setting Up a Dedicated Mobile Testing Lab to Automate Regression Test Cases


Global financial services leader partners with UST Global to achieve accelerated ‘speed-to-market’ at significantly reduced costs

The complexity that mobility brings to QA and test management is immense. It involves testing in compressed cycles, across different permutations of technology platforms, operating systems, devices, use cases, network connections and carriers.

UST Global enabled a large global financial services company to significantly reduce their regression cycle time for ‘faster-to-market’ success.

We set up a dedicated mobile lab, evaluated different mobile testing tools to select the best one for the client, and developed an automation framework to enhance the tool capabilities. In addition, our processes for device lab refresh (that leverage usage trends in the mobile market) widened device and test coverage, and improved the quality of ‘releases-to-production’.


Opportunity: Establishing a dedicated mobile testing lab for automation of regression testing cases

The existing manual testing processes at the leading company resulted in high regression costs and longer test cycles. With monthly releases planned for two native applications and four responsive websites, the lack of test and device coverage led to acute quality issues in production. Additionally, lack of dedicated testers for testing native applications and responsive websites posed a serious risk to efficient and cost-effective regression testing.

The financial services firm decided to set up a mobile testing lab to improve testing outcomes and decided to partner with UST Global based on its extensive expertise and capability in deploying mobile testing solutions.


Action: End-to-end mobile testing support

We set up a dedicated offshore mobile lab to support holistic mobile testing. Our skilled team applied a weighted scoring model to evaluate various mobile automation tools before selecting ‘SeeTest’ offered by ExperiTest.

We then developed a hybrid automation framework by integrating SeeTest with TestNG to enhance the capabilities offered by the tool. End-to-end processes and metrics were clearly defined, including those for device lab refresh (by leveraging the usage trends in the mobile market). Concurrent and batch execution were introduced with extensive reporting features in the form of HTML and log files. Using the automation framework, we automated 94.12% of regression test cases in just 10 months.


Impact: Automated regression drastically reduces cycle time and increases speed-to-market

Our client now enjoys the following benefits:

  • 40% reduction of overall testing cost - by leveraging offshore services
  • 80% reduction in regression cycle times – leading to faster time-to-market
  • Improved quality of releases-to-production - due to wider device and test coverage