Test Environment Management for a Large UK Based Retailer

UK Retailer: Designing and Deploying Real-time Test Environment Management


UST Global helps a leading UK retailer achieve automated test environment for enhanced quality of delivery and higher returns on investment.

The increased integration and complexity of requirements placed on solution delivery lifecycles calls for an efficient test environment management service (TEMS) for comprehensive testing of business applications - across multiple user channels, distributed systems landscape and interfaces. A robust TEM service increases productivity through speedier software release schedules while reducing infrastructure costs.

UST Global helped a leading UK retailer establish a holistic view of all test environments, and automate for faster time-to-market and reduced delivery costs.

We set up a SaaS-based Test Environment Manager to automate all manual activities for better predictability. This enabled a single view of portfolios, projects, releases, environments and associated dependencies for real-time results and optimized environment usage.


Opportunity: Delivering improved quality of services and time-to-market while minimizing costs

A leading UK retailer faced issues with multiple projects requesting environments across the IT estate and different configurations of code being deployed at any given time. Scheduling environments manually using spreadsheets was cumbersome and inefficient.

To facilitate accurate and informed decisions, the client wanted to provide real-time results and a holistic view of environments to its environment management team. It chose to work with UST Global due to its extensive expertise in test environment management.


Action: End-to-end solution support

We enabled early detection of conflicts in environment booking and implemented Plutora’s Enterprise SaaS-based test environment manager. All Excel spreadsheets were automated for better predictability. The consequent single view of portfolios, projects, releases, environments and associated dependencies enabled a centralized deployment management and release calendar.


Impact: Flexible and faster test environment provisioning for superior services delivery

Our client now enjoys the following benefits:

  • Faster time-to-market – 15% improvement
  • Slashed delivery costs – 10% reduction
  • Improved quality of services - 20% enhancement
  • Increased predictability - 15% higher
  • High RoI - investment paid back in 10 months
  • Automated environment allocation and contention – for greater efficiencies
  • Improved environment utilization - eliminates cost of building new environments for projects