Integrated Platform to Transform e-Commerce

North American Retailer: Deploys an Integrated Platform to Transform Ecommerce Capabilities


A leading US retailer partners with UST Global to build robust e-commerce functionality for scalable cloud integrated operations.

In a dynamic, competitive and fast-paced technological environment, how do you develop comprehensive, scalable and modern e-commerce capabilities to achieve business leadership?

UST Global’s solution enabled this US retailer to acquire end-to-end eCommerce capabilities with value-added features such as cross-sell and up-sell, resulting in faster time-to-market and increased revenues..

Using an iterative process to focus on the architecture, platform, and integration to the client’s back office and partner services, we reversed the retailer’s previously failed attempt to build similar services. Our client’s seamless operational e-commerce functionalities now include customizable catalogs, store-specific pricing, order management, payment processing, and in-store fulfillment.


Opportunity: The quest for a comprehensive eCommerce platform

The leading US retailer with a significant footprint in the areas of pharmacy, grocery and general merchandise lacked comprehensive eCommerce capabilities. It was constrained by limited eCommerce capabilities provided by third-party vendors on selected products.

Additional challenges included successfully balancing budgets, addressing variable staffing needs, and complying with stringent labor laws. At the same time, ensuring customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty were also key to maintaining market leadership.


Action: End-to-end mobile testing support

We developed a clear, shared vision of the eCommerce flow with our client and developed a five-step process to simplify analysis, build, test, and deployment. Our analysts worked closely with our client’s team to define the features in each iteration, while our design team focused on the architecture, the platform, and integration to both the client’s back office and partner services.

We leveraged the ATG Commerce Suite platform that offers rich out-of-the-box capabilities to orchestrate the eCommerce features that the client requested. We built the following features into a centralized and integrated environment.


Impact: Robust end-to-end eCommerce capabilities

Our client now has a comprehensive ecommerce capability that encompasses:

  • End-to-end operations - customizable catalogs, store-specific pricing, order management, payment processing, and in-store fulfillment
  • Integration with service in the cloud for payment processing - using the Software as a Service model
  • Value-added features that enable ‘fast-to-market’ strategy - through cross-sell, up-sell, and promotional offers using simple-to-use platform components
  • A fully functioning technology stack - that has the commerce suite framework, Java application servers and a web tier that is scalable to meet future business needs