Robotic process automation in retail sector

An overview of RPA

RPA involves the use of technology to interpret existing application software to automatically process a transaction or complete a process.

RPA can considerably reduce the requirement for people to perform high-volume IT support, workflow, remote infrastructure, and back-office processes.

When aided with machine learning, RPA can mirror human capabilities of perception and reasoning.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is fast becoming one of the most disruptive technology development that is improving service delivery

RPA is receiving wide acceptance in many industries as it can be applied in many structured, repetitive and rule-based tasks

For instance, the Retail companies can adopt RPA into their existing processes such as:

  • Order processing and payments​​
  • Procurement and inventory management processes: monitor inventory, generate notifications
  • Regular communication between manufacturers, suppliers, transportation service providers, and customers.
  • Gather information about business patterns to reveal potential supply chain disruptions.


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