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Living and working in a constantly connected and experience-based economy, today’s mobile users demand an ever-increasing degree of context, connectivity and insight. Building apps is no longer an accomplishment; achievement is now measured in terms of a seamless and intuitive user experience.

In the enterprise, digital transformation has quickly evolved into reality. However, true transformation requires more than just mobile apps, and must encompass the Internet of Things (IoT), social integration, big data and analytics. As a result, successful companies now focus on human-centered design, SMART-stack technology (Social, Mobile, Augmented Reality, Things) and pre-built components to architect their strategy and accelerate their digital journey.

Highly personalized, contextual digital experiences are offered by the new mobile apps
82% of security professionals expect mobile security incidents to increase.
Digital design errors will be reduced by up to 90% using rapid visualization, continuous feedback and prototyping.

UST Global digital services are evolving the mobile experience for clients and customers around the world, delivering real transformations through cutting-edge design, development and innovation.

Digital Strategy & Advisory Services
  • Strategy Assessment
  • Roadmap & Transformation
  • Enterprise Digital Architecture
  • Implementation Planning (Design, Develop & Execute)
Digital Solution Development
  • Rapid Visualization & Innovation Design Methodology
  • Native, Hybrid & Web Platform Development
  • Connected Devices, Micro Apps & Context-Aware Solutions
  • Human-Centric Design & Prefabricated Components
Digital QA & Management
  • Cloud/On-Premise, Manual/Automated QA
  • Security & Compliance Testing
  • App Provisioning, Hosting & Promotion
  • Mobile Application, Device & Content Management (MAM, MDM, MCM)
Design for Happiness

Our digital design methodology sets us apart by focusing on emotive, inspirational and human-centric design.

Prebuilt Innovation Components

Our reusable, prefabricated components lower costs, enable faster time to market and minimize future investments.

Cyber Edge® Proactively Keeps Threats At Bay

Security is at the center of our design process and uses our Cyber Edge services to provide protection from increased threats to corporate data.

SMART Ecosystem Goes Beyond Mobility

Our context-aware SMART solutions take advantage of devices, wearables, location, media and cognitive learning capabilities to deliver a highly personalized user experience.

ReImagining the Digital Journey

We are experts at modernizing digital portfolios. Leverage our next-generation digital technologies to reimagine application design and improve mobile utilization.


Develop a deep understanding of your users and deploy an intensely personalized experience that drives ROI for mobile apps.