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The cloud represents a new paradigm in business and technology, one that provides more scalability and greater flexibility for both IT requirements and application services. It provides a cost-effective means to meet rapidly growing and dynamically changing market requirements.

Whether enabling mobility, collaboration or innovations in machine learning, big data or the internet of things, the cloud empowers businesses to optimize, innovate and disrupt to gain competitive advantage.

DevOps in the cloud can be 10x faster at 60% the cost
Innovate faster by placing the cloud at the core of digital transformation
Achieve resilient business services through self-healing applications in the cloud
UST Global SPEED® Cloud Edge Services
  • Advisory services powered by AI
  • Migration services accelerated through non-linear automation
  • Cloud DevOps optimized with UST Global EdgeOps™
  • Autonomous operations through UST Global ZeroTouch™
  • Cloud security assured by UST Global CyberEdge™

UST Global’s SPEED® Cloud Edge Services transform customer experiences, accelerate ‘speed to value’ and unlock new business opportunities.

Our unique tools and services help you mitigate risks, minimize costs and maximize agility with enhanced bottom-line results.

Deep Machine Learning models

Deploy autonomous clouds that require minimal human intervention

Algorithmic matching

Synchronize workloads with cloud architecture patterns to optimize migration

One-Click Cloud Studio

Enables seamless orchestration and end-to-end automation

Pre-fab asset repository

Accelerates cloud deployment and delivers higher levels of quality through improved consistency