The only true security is one that predicts attacks before they happen
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The complete reversal in the way companies think about security – from keeping threats out to assuming the threat is already in – requires a high degree of advanced analytics and deep learning. Cybersecurity is not just a technology problem; it is also a talent and integration problem. Oftentimes, there is too much technology claiming to solve your cybersecurity problems. Threat intelligence is a widely overused and ill-defined term. Recently, many services have flooded the market claiming to provide intelligence. However, quality intelligence must provide valuable information that helps you quickly isolate threats.

States are now holding companies legally responsible for securing their data
On average, advanced attacks nest inside organizations for 200 days
In the latest attacks, “CEOs were forced to resign in the wake of the breach”

CyberPROOF helps the world’s largest enterprises operate safely and securely in today’s digital marketplace. Whether deployed independently or together, each c-Assur service is designed to improve over time by combining your information with the latest in cybersecurity and technology innovation.

C-Assur Threats®

Our external threat intelligence service is custom built to collate new attacks and vulnerabilities from notorious hacker forums, enabling you to respond proactively. Our automated threat monitoring solution is available as a real-time dashboard or as an intelligence feed that integrates with your existing security operations.

C-Assur Assets®

Advanced threats usually penetrate perimeter defenses long before you are aware of them. Our vulnerability detection finds advanced persistent threats using real time asset behavior monitoring and intelligence on the latest attack vectors. Using military-grade offense abilities, our advanced attack service leverages the latest attack methods posted in notorious hacker forums to keep your security operations team trained.

C-Assur People®

Our talent intelligence solution detects threats from potential malicious or careless user behavior and compromised user credentials. We correlate suspicious behavior with threat intelligence to paint a complete threat picture. We offer two levels of monitoring, one for all users and a higher level for privileged users.

Israeli intelligence experts

We uniquely combine offense, defense and cyber analysts to quickly identify advanced attacks

Our sources of intelligence are our own

We penetrate and extract high-value intelligence from dark net, deep web and social sites

Our tools

Designed by Israeli intelligence analysts to work the way they do

Our Methods

Techniques that leverage advanced algorithms and deep learning to find what humans cannot

Security Technologies

Services and solutions that are not yet available on the market provide enriched detection data and better protection

We walk the cyber journey with you

We tune our services and adjust our detection solutions to your environment and risk profile