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To be successful, applications of the future must be architected to delight customers and provide a responsive, personalized experience. They will need to be richer, more context-aware and highly relevant for each and every user. These applications will deploy quickly and be highly adaptable; they will be as much art as science, and will be composed rather than built.

The ability to listen to customers and create applications tailored to their needs will be critical to outperforming the competition. For both traditional and disruptive future applications, usefulness and usability will be the keys to success.

IT is at a crossroad where the digital mesh of mobile, social and IoT will combine with smarter systems to change the way we think and manage application development
Customers expect digital transformation to increase revenues and reduce costs. This will require fast time to market, better quality and improved efficiency through augmentation.
User efficiency is driven by smarter and more adaptive applications, developed with insights backed by analytics, context and feedback

From a patient portal servicing more than 50K applications and over 1.5M quotes for a leading healthcare insurer, to applications that enable continuous customer collaboration for a large UK pharmacy, to end-to-end management of a complex eCommerce platform for a major US credit rating agency, our application development services are transforming the online experience for clients and customers around the world.

Application Development

Greenfield – Turn concepts into reality and quickly productize applications using visual engineering and UST Global Framework First™

Brownfield – Build context-aware adaptive web applications or middleware-based micro services by leveraging prefabrication

Hybrid – Create responsive applications that can be deployed across smart phones, tablets, laptops and TVs

Legacy Modernization

Modernize your applications, whether they were built on mainframes or AS/400 or any other legacy technology

Portal/Content Development

Accelerate the digital experience through team collaboration, continuous customer engagement and information availability

Speed Through Composed Applications

Increase quality and reduce your time to market through our visual engineering tools and prefabricated requirements, services and test kits – or utilize UST Global’s ClientFactory to leverage a highly customizable modular framework

Smarter, More Adaptive Applications

Using EfficencyEdge to provide deep insight to user behavior, we help you build smarter applications that integrate contextual computing, adaptive functionality and adaptive user interfaces

Intelligence Augmented Applications

Gain the EdgeOps™ advantage; use AgentEdge knowledge management, decision making and automation to reduce time to market by providing the right feedback to the development process