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The explosion of innovative and low-cost sensors and devices - otherwise known as the Internet of Things (IoT) - is transforming enterprise connectivity. With access to more data than ever before, IoT is driving insights, increasing productivity, reducing operating costs and improving the consumer experience.

The benefits of IoT are being felt across almost every industry, with end-point visibility improving manufacturing efficiency, retail inventory, healthcare outcomes and other key enterprise metrics. Moreover, businesses are integrating IoT with their digital strategy and with complimentary technologies such as mobile, social, analytics and big data to derive maximum near and long-term value.

However, intense focus is required to secure endpoints, devices and networks within a comprehensive framework that ensures safe and successful deployments at scale.

Integrating real-time, context-aware IoT data with deep learning analytics is critical to unlocking new insights and business opportunities
Fabrics that enable adaptive connectivity, as well as easy-to-configure API-based integration, provide the foundation for future-proof IoT investments
Security is integral to IoT; apps, devices, end points and networks must be locked down

UST Global provides the following suite of value-added services that span the entire IoT ecosystem, including platforms, back-end systems and services, devices and things.

Product Development
  • Hackathons & Ideation for Product Ideas
  • Market Research
  • Product Conceptualization & Definition
  • Product Design
  • Product Realization, Maintenance & Support
  • GTM Strategy Development
Service Model Development
  • Service Model Definition
  • Service Model Design
  • Service Model Provisioning
  • Continuous Monitoring & Reporting
  • On-Demand Calibration
Systems Integration
  • Systems Roadmap & Strategy Definition
  • Architecture Consulting
  • Technology Consulting
  • Development Services (Software, Firmware & Hardware)
  • Device Management (Including Provisioning, Monitoring, Diagnostics & Firmware Updates)

In the emerging digital marketplace, we understand that speed, innovation and security are critical to success and scalability. Rely on UST Global’s experienced IoT experts and innovative tools and services for unmatched time-to-value.

IoT Acceleration Platform

Application enablement and hardware-ready platforms that are CyberEdge® secure

API Cloud Network

Pre-configured connectors and services with digital intelligence that are robust, secure and easy to integrate

Digital Speed

Pre-fabricated components that enable secure and accelerated development and deployment


Our enterprise solution framework enables deployment of analytics-infused IoT solutions that provide deep insights and solve business challenges


Cyber Edge helps businesses operate safely and securely in today’s digital marketplace by combining data analytics with the latest in cybersecurity and technology innovation