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Modern businesses operate according to new rules, defined by evolving customer expectations and rapid advances in digital technology.

Internally, executive teams are demanding higher levels of IT innovation to maintain competitive advantage and create value for customers.

To meet internal and external demands, IT is turning to modern technology stacks such as Oracle to architect business processes that span on-premises, cloud and other digitally interconnected capabilities.

As a certified Oracle Gold partner, UST Global provides the expertise and experience to ensure successful Oracle deployment across a broad range of digital transformation initiatives.

Retailers must satisfy new trends set forth by millennials while meeting the demands of older, more affluent customers
High-tech is improving supply chain and sales channel visibility, becoming a model of lean and agile supply networks
Digital carriers, cost pressures, changing demographics and customer churn is forcing a sea-change for insurance providers

UST Global helps businesses unleash the power of Oracle cloud applications and platform services. Building on a strong Oracle partnership, we offer business and technical expertise across a spectrum of assessment, implementation and managed service offerings.

All Oracle services are backed by our integrated benefits-realization methodology that guides us from identifying key business drivers to embedding solutions within new or existing business processes.

Assessment Services
  • Assessment Studies & Application Roadmaps
  • Business Process Studies & Solution Recommendations
Application Services
  • End-to-End Implementation for Oracle EBS & Stand-alone Solutions
  • Design, Development & Integration for Bolt-on Solutions
  • Integration Services for Multiple Technology Stacks
  • SLA-based Managed Services & Application Support
Technology Services
  • Database Installation, Upgrade & Support Services
  • Audit Vault & Data Vault Solutions
  • Oracle On Demand Services

The UST Global Oracle team boasts in-depth knowledge and experience across a range of industries, applications and technology stacks. Combining expertise in automation tools and integration services with a strong partner ecosystem and a lean industrialized delivery model, we are unequaled in our capacity to support Oracle as a platform.

Our proven track record helping the Global 2000 with legacy modernization, integration, system consolidation and process harmonization, coupled with our AnalyticsEdge services, ‘design for happiness’ approach and ‘fewer customers, more attention’ mindset, set us apart in providing exceptional value for clients embarking on the digital transformation journey.

Human-Centered Innovation

Products and services designed from the ground up with an eye towards customer requirements and the user experience

Certified Oracle Gold Partner

A decade of partnership and implementation experience delivering automation and integration services

Innovative Industry Solutions

Services that deliver results – pride of implementation for one of the largest indirect sourcing platforms in the world