Test Case Generation Using Mindmaps

Need for Quicker Test Case Generation

One of the significant challenges faced in the software testing industry today, is that test cases are not generated quickly enough as compared to development builds being deployed. Prior to identifying a faster test case generation process, let us gather insights into why companies have frequent releases.
Organizations continuously upgrade their applications and innovate to stay competitive, deliver quickly, and seamlessly enhance the customer experience. Business demands vary across geographies and seasons. For example, a retail application might have a new feature added to aid faster checkout/showcase promotions during the holiday season. Similarly, a telecom service provider would highlight the daily special offers as adverts or pop-ups in their mobile app by modifying the user interface of their application. These types of requirements push organizations to have frequent releases to their applications. With agile development endorsed more than ever, organizations request their developers to get their code released in small, safe, and incremental steps without affecting the overall quality.

Current technical trends in development suggest version control, continuous integration, and automated trunk-based development. In addition to this, technology coupled with latest enhancements has simplified the code deployment process further. Thus, there is a definite need to enhance the rate of test case development. Hence, the typical challenge lies in the fact that the surge in the test case development rate should not compromise quality in this process.
Considering the diverse solutions currently available in the market, we believe that leveraging Mindmaps as a source for test case creation can enhance the quality and speed of test case generation as well.

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